Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Paul Isakson - A brands most urgent questions


The Modern Brand: Defined by Purpose and Action, Not a Position
Once the brand defines its massive problem to solve, they then develop a very clear point-of-view on how they believe this should be done, which becomes exactly how they do it. The brand then is based on the combination of its point-of-view for how to solve their massive problem(s) and its actions for doing so.

Rather than being based on a position, the brand is based on purpose and action. So, instead of being built around the idea of giving you the "whitest whites", they are about cleaning up the world and having their own view and actions on how they do this.

With its clearly defined view and direction, the brand works diligently to make sure that every action they take reinforces their purpose, using their core beliefs and values serve as their guide. It's no longer about being the biggest. It's about vigilantly doing the best they can at fulfilling their stated purpose of doing something for the world and the people who use/buy them.

In doing this, I believe that these brands will be able to thrive. You don't have to be the biggest to be enormously successful. You just have to be relentlessly focused on doing something meaningful for others and/or the world.

So, what are you doing for others? What are you doing for the world?

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