Monday, 26 April 2010

Chapelle Jewelry

Chapelle is a discount jewelry store with 24 locations in the UK. The logo and site are mainly green; but the green is a racing green; it has some sophistication to it, but it is handled poorly on the website, it clashes with the heavy red sale text; and has a bit of a Christmas feel to the whole site. The logo is a warped chapelle over jewelry. There is a slightly french feel to the name and the type; but the typeface for Chapelle seems to be warped to little reason and it doesnt add anything to the overall effect of the logo. The site is ulitarian at best. But it is accessible. It has a no-frills style approach and sells jewelry cheap; this could be an attraction to the younger audience. I feel a sense of fanciness and wonder would go down better with the audience im aiming at; selling the product as something special and getting across the idea that if you wear the jewelry you are special too.

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