Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Iphone Mount Sinai hospital


"Saving lives means making fast, informed decisions. And at Toronto’s Mount Sinai Hospital, iPhone instantly delivers the information that physicians need to make critical treatment decisions. The hospital recently developed VitalHub, an in-house built iPhone app that gives physicians secure, remote access to patient records, test results, vital statistics, and medical literature from its vast internal data network. Using VitalHub on iPhone allows Mount Sinai’s clinicians to respond more rapidly to patient needs wherever and whenever they arise."

Apple Iphone being used in a new way to access medical records, test results and medical information within Mount sinai hospital. This Integration with a information network will become more commonplace as handheld devices such as smart phones take off in the next few years. The need for easy GUI to be able to access information quickly and see at a glance whats happening is key. Computer technology is moving towards greater accessability and being more user friendly and designers will be there to make it happen.

Sunday, 21 March 2010

Benedict Radcliffe

Inspirational sculpture, taking a wireframe to a real setting adds a sense of graphic design to the imagery thats real. Strong minimalistic lines of the sculpture and its rendering in full scale connects the object with the design process behind it, and the bold lines of familar objects makes it stand out against the norm.

Its Nice That Blog


Excellent design blog and publication, consistently good work posted that inspires.

Thursday, 18 March 2010

Church Logos

Some average church logos. This sheet gives me some basic idea of stereotypical church designs that are out there already. The use of colour on almost all the logos is pretty poor, using dull colours that dont pop from the page. The logos themselves have reasonably cliched uses of crosses and the like . This is not helped by the fact that they are just samplers so there is no church names written on and nothing is done with the typography.

Swiss Miss Logos


Some excellent logos here from swiss miss. There is a full range of different types from different industries and products but almost all of them seem contemporary and exciting and get the point across. They are often dynamic and have a sense of movement within them, and tend to use multiple colours. This is in part due to the new in-expense of colour printing allowing more colours to be used and designers now are less limited to a small colour palette.

Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Crossroads Church


Church of the Resurrection


The United church of the resurrection. This website has a reasonably boring white interface. It doesnt stand out and looks reasonably standard. It has a menu bar across the top thats common with this sort of design, but none of the options stand out or sell themselves to you. It could be suitable for someone looking into the church more, but it doesnt really sell anything to you and doesnt give the church a attractive vibe. The first things that stand out on this website are the windowed cutouts of "24 hours that changed the world" and "new to the resurrection?" This is a good if slightly boring way to introduce some of the key tennants of the church and they give just enough information to spark an interest and click through. This leads to a very punchy modern video that raises interest but the rest of the site that the video is located is a boring grey on white colour scheme. If the video was tied into a website that had the same sort of impact that the overall effect would be much more engaging. The content of the site itself is uplifting and interesting, but it is displayed in a way that is plain and only draws your attention in places.
It does have key information on the mainpage such as the calandar of events for the chuch but this is lost in the bland design of the site itself.

Church of the Open Door


Church of the open door uses a pastel red and shades of white and blue to tie the site together. This works well as it draws attention to key points of the website and it is well divided into sections that are easily scannable to find the section you might want to read. It uses some flash in the initial banner, and the moving imagery gives the site some life; but this could be capitalised on more as it only uses it for a short 5 second rotation of imagery. The site uses a variety of different typefaces across its main page that could be brought down to just 2 or 3 to give the site more consistancy; it uses capital letters for the main heading menu sans serif, yet uses a serif typeface for many of the headings in the main section. It also uses a web standard/safe typeface for the main text within the site and a scripted typeface for the moving header, this could be cut back to improve the overall look of the site and bring together the design of the whole site, like the colour scheme has started to do. The logo is reasonably weak. The tree and book has little to do with the name of the church, the the type is a mix of three different typefaces that looks slightly messy. The logo doesnt interact with the type well and seem to be 2 different elements. There also seems to be a cloudy filter over the type that has no real reason for being there and gives the piece a feeling of amatuerism. The overall site design is slightly cornball, but it will be aimed at a family orientated church goer and could be considered appropriate for the target audience. The site makes use of flash and quicktime, which could be considered a lot of plug-ins and may alienate the target audience who are not that computer savvy.

Kingsfield Church


Stonebriar Community Church


Dulles Community Church


Edmond's First Baptist Church

Edmonds First Baptist Church Website

Generation Church

Generation Church

River city Church


Bethlehem United Methodist Website


Soul Purpose Website


Revolution Church Kansas