Sunday, 15 November 2009

Feel good drinks poster

Exploding glass bottle full of feelgoodness. Poster has the bottle bursting with all different things associated with the feel good brand. Its slightly off target with the slick looking individuals and speakers, while the feelgood brand is slightly more innocent and fun.

Feel good drinks - Tropicana

Tropicana goes for the simple fruit approach. It has a slightly more upmarket look with lots of green. It keeps the packaging to a simple white, giving a pure look. The site shows it as part of a healthy breakfast. It keeps it clean and non-gimicy to appeal to a slightly more mature/older audience with no gimics.

Feel good drinks - Ocean Spray

ocean spray mainly focuses on cranberry based drinks. They have a strong ripple based branding. Again they have a healthy approach. They capitalise on the rich colours of the cranberry juice something i could play on with the feel good brand.
Copella plays on the traditional nature of fruit juices and being a british brand. Using plenty of images of grassy green english countryside. The branding is all reasonably traditional, a lot of use of green. It aims at a slightly older market and plays on the quality of the juice.

Feel good drinks - competitor - Oasis rubber duckzilla

Oasis is another competitor in the fruit drink market. Their product is less aimed at the health market but has a massive market share and can be found almost anywhere. This is in part due to being made by coca-cola. Its not as healthy as the feel good drink and contains a lot of sugar.
Their current campaign is "oasis for people who dont like water" with a rubber duckzilla character. It plays on japanese culture and plays a wierd card. Its certainly memorable but the "for people who dont like water" line is slightly strange and there is a feeling of too much strange for many people.

Feel good drinks - Market Competitor - innocent

Innocent smoothies have the same market and positive spin on the healthy drink market. The logo and cleanness of the packaging make it stand out and its become a household name. They use the same positive language across all their copy. Their website is cleaner yet carries the brand and has a touch of fun in the wiggling links. Innocent smoothies used to be called fasttractor, the change to innocent helped make them a well known name.

Saturday, 14 November 2009

Feel good drinks - competition entrant AHDMI204

Reasonably good concept on this entrant, simple premise but has good idea using the fixed camera angle and obviously low budget to good effect. Its a shame he didnt finish.

Feel good drinks - Gnomes competition winner

This is the video that came from the winning competition entry from last years YCN brief. They took the idea from the entrant and made a series of video spots on the same gnome concept. This gives me a idea of the type of feel they want in their video. It doesnt have a solid concept other than the cutseyness of the gnomes making the drink but this carries it through.

Feel good YCN competition - Other entrants

Not a particularly good effort, but the idea is ok, the music doesnt really fit the video, and the idea is reasonably weak.

Feel good initial branding

"Enjoying and celebrating "Feel Good Moments" was the underlying philosophy that went into every stage of the branding, design, advertising and was a consistent mantra that was repeated during the design process.

To nutshell this whole concept I created a character illustration at the centre of the label (nicknamed Felix) who communicates through his poses the functional benefit of the drink. The character was created to communicate a specific Feel Good Moment generated as a result of drinking the product, and featured centre stage in every design.

I also designed the Feel Good Drinks labels with the idea for the whole label to be essentially the corporate logo. For brand personality the character and colour of the label would change for each flavour - a big decision in branding terms as we were essentially changing the logo each time. "

Its very interesting to get some insight into the initial branding of the feel good company so i can try and fit my approach around it. It gives a good indicator of what the company is all about and how their logo is used.

feelgood synonyms

airy, at ease, blithe, breezy, buoyant, calm, careless, cheerful, cheery, cool, easy, easy-going, feelgood, happy, happy-go-lucky, insouciant, jaunty, jovial, laid back, radiant, secure, sunny, unanxious, unbothered

These are all words that relate to what the feel good drinks company is going for.

YCN feel good competition = Spread the feelgoodness

This animation has a weak concept that doesnt really make a strong point, but the visual style matches the feel good brand reasonably well.

Feel good drinks - Making of the video gnomes

Feel good drinks gnome making of. Its interesting to see the creative process behind the video spot and see how something gets from concept to finished product.

Friday, 13 November 2009

Feel good drinks - competition entrant

Simple concept of singing to a camera. Has a bit overuse of the standard mac filters for effect on the video and is more like a music video than a true advert. The message is a little pg-13 as well, and there doesnt seem to have been a lot of thought behind the idea.

Feel good drinks range

The range of feel good drinks are slightly out of the norm, with orange and mango, cranberry and orange etc, and are aimed at a health conscious audience with no added sugar and only natural ingredents. There is a slight health food vibe to the branding and positive message. The colours of the drink are interesting and vibrant and could be used in a campaign. I like the logo on the glass, giving the drinks a good quality product look.

Feel good drinks

The feel good drinks site utilises a faux-hand made approach to the site, it has bright colours and a feeling of innocence and summer. It uses a lot of reasonably cliche imagery such as rainbows, a shining sun and rolling green hills. It has quite a cutesy feel and a positive vibe. This is the sort of market im aiming at, positive, happy and maybe slightly hippy. The site is reasonably entertaining to click through as you are not sure what kind of fun animation could happen next. The feelgood approach could be seen as a little heavy handed, it doesnt pull any punches with its positive message.

Sunday, 1 November 2009

The homepage to gatecrasher has a frustrating flash animation that is annoying and confusing. It also has an annoying cutoff at the fold and there doesnt seem to be rhyme or reason to the news as its not dated and cover very varying topics. The navigation is plain and uninspiring.

Chemical records

Chemical records is a online vinyl and music enthusiasts store from bristol. It aims at DJ's and people into electronic dance music. I find the background white wall effect off-putting and slightly unprofessional but the technical nature of the shop and the pure amount of accessibility is something i am inspired by.


mau5trap is the artist deadmau5 label. It has a name befitting of the artist and uses the strong iconography already in place with deadmau5 to benefit the label too. I think the name could be more considered and flow better, but overall i like it.


The fabric site has a lot of information but it manages to keep it reasonably ordered and easy to navigate. By using few colours it gives cohesion to the site and it highlights things that are deemed more important well. It also uses a flash frame to give more interest to the site, and uses it to showcase upcoming artists. It keeps the design consistent throughout and thus has its own feel to it.

Ministry of sound

The ministry of sound website has a simple and effective navigation bar, but below this it becomes messy and your not sure what to look at. It mingles adverts for its own products with useful information and its hard to tell which is which. The colour palette is all over the place and the white fails to bind the whole site together. I like how the club tab the whole page turns black. It does break the site as a whole, but it is a suprising change and turns your attention to that tab.


Godskitchen is content based and has a lot of windows. I would say its quite busy and confusing,but it fits a lot of information into a relatively small space. It uses a small frame so that people can view it on several different resolutions without problems. It uses some flash windows to give some movement and novelty to the site. It also uses rollover buttons, it makes the site seem move alive and interesting. It possibly has too many moving pieces as it can be a little confusing.