Saturday, 14 November 2009

Feel good initial branding

"Enjoying and celebrating "Feel Good Moments" was the underlying philosophy that went into every stage of the branding, design, advertising and was a consistent mantra that was repeated during the design process.

To nutshell this whole concept I created a character illustration at the centre of the label (nicknamed Felix) who communicates through his poses the functional benefit of the drink. The character was created to communicate a specific Feel Good Moment generated as a result of drinking the product, and featured centre stage in every design.

I also designed the Feel Good Drinks labels with the idea for the whole label to be essentially the corporate logo. For brand personality the character and colour of the label would change for each flavour - a big decision in branding terms as we were essentially changing the logo each time. "

Its very interesting to get some insight into the initial branding of the feel good company so i can try and fit my approach around it. It gives a good indicator of what the company is all about and how their logo is used.

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