Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Iphone Mount Sinai hospital


"Saving lives means making fast, informed decisions. And at Toronto’s Mount Sinai Hospital, iPhone instantly delivers the information that physicians need to make critical treatment decisions. The hospital recently developed VitalHub, an in-house built iPhone app that gives physicians secure, remote access to patient records, test results, vital statistics, and medical literature from its vast internal data network. Using VitalHub on iPhone allows Mount Sinai’s clinicians to respond more rapidly to patient needs wherever and whenever they arise."

Apple Iphone being used in a new way to access medical records, test results and medical information within Mount sinai hospital. This Integration with a information network will become more commonplace as handheld devices such as smart phones take off in the next few years. The need for easy GUI to be able to access information quickly and see at a glance whats happening is key. Computer technology is moving towards greater accessability and being more user friendly and designers will be there to make it happen.

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