Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Church of the Open Door


Church of the open door uses a pastel red and shades of white and blue to tie the site together. This works well as it draws attention to key points of the website and it is well divided into sections that are easily scannable to find the section you might want to read. It uses some flash in the initial banner, and the moving imagery gives the site some life; but this could be capitalised on more as it only uses it for a short 5 second rotation of imagery. The site uses a variety of different typefaces across its main page that could be brought down to just 2 or 3 to give the site more consistancy; it uses capital letters for the main heading menu sans serif, yet uses a serif typeface for many of the headings in the main section. It also uses a web standard/safe typeface for the main text within the site and a scripted typeface for the moving header, this could be cut back to improve the overall look of the site and bring together the design of the whole site, like the colour scheme has started to do. The logo is reasonably weak. The tree and book has little to do with the name of the church, the the type is a mix of three different typefaces that looks slightly messy. The logo doesnt interact with the type well and seem to be 2 different elements. There also seems to be a cloudy filter over the type that has no real reason for being there and gives the piece a feeling of amatuerism. The overall site design is slightly cornball, but it will be aimed at a family orientated church goer and could be considered appropriate for the target audience. The site makes use of flash and quicktime, which could be considered a lot of plug-ins and may alienate the target audience who are not that computer savvy.

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