Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Church of the Resurrection


The United church of the resurrection. This website has a reasonably boring white interface. It doesnt stand out and looks reasonably standard. It has a menu bar across the top thats common with this sort of design, but none of the options stand out or sell themselves to you. It could be suitable for someone looking into the church more, but it doesnt really sell anything to you and doesnt give the church a attractive vibe. The first things that stand out on this website are the windowed cutouts of "24 hours that changed the world" and "new to the resurrection?" This is a good if slightly boring way to introduce some of the key tennants of the church and they give just enough information to spark an interest and click through. This leads to a very punchy modern video that raises interest but the rest of the site that the video is located is a boring grey on white colour scheme. If the video was tied into a website that had the same sort of impact that the overall effect would be much more engaging. The content of the site itself is uplifting and interesting, but it is displayed in a way that is plain and only draws your attention in places.
It does have key information on the mainpage such as the calandar of events for the chuch but this is lost in the bland design of the site itself.

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