Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Leo Burnett Group Predictions 2009+

Youtube video outlying some of the trends predicted by the Leo Burnett Group.

economic situation profoundly effect our cultural context. Predicted is a more grounded social and creative phase, with marketing being more tangiable and honest.value reassessment - truely meaningful, confident, secure, honest, progressive
A fast pace of change,
trust economy people will put more into brands that they trust, and these will be the most successful companies that go the extra mile will prosper
products that are economical and environmental will be unstoppable
Internet TV is mainsteam
content free from central control
Ideas, brand logos or simple short codes will be threads that link content together
Gaming will become a mass persuit "generation game"
percieved wisdom changes on a daily basis, more contridictory opinions and diverse opinions presented
brand no longer a landing point, no more a static brand, but vechicles not just destinations.

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