Monday, 26 April 2010

warren James - Jewelry

Warren James have a handwritten/calligraphic logo. It still uses the sans-serif "jewellers" in uppercase that the vast majority of jewellers seem to use. The flowing typeface looks almost like a signature. It has a certain sense of sophistication to it. I like the long L that underlines the warren as well as the striking straight line running underneath the whole logo. The mainpage to the site is a photographic composition of the bead and charm rage of warren james; and reflects a image of london and city living; with some glamour. I think the whole image is let down by the "the charm company" text around the london eye. It looks tacky and out of place with the glamourous nature of the rest of the scene. A lot of top quality photography with models is used in jewelry promotion. This is to provide aspirational "looks" to potential buyers. and show off the jewelry to its full potential.

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