Friday, 23 October 2009

Tempa Release 038- Headhunter Vinyl cover

Tempa038 release - headhunter.

Simplistic graphics but bold. A cutout shows the colour of the vinyl underneath. Coloured vinyls are normally only for a limited run of the first pressing and is something that would get a buyer interested. This is part of a set of 3 releases, each one has a different colour, purple, orange and pink. The headhunter written on the sleeve has been partially cut off. A reference to the headhunter of the name. A clean design with a small joke. Headhunter is reasonably famous to dubstep DJ's and the market is specialized to DJ's who would know his name anyway. By doing this the buyer may feel "in the know" to his name. Expecting some prior knowledge could highlight the exclusivity of the record.

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