Friday, 23 October 2009

Tempa Record Label

Tempa (2000-present) is a dubstep and garage record label run by Ammunition Promotions, out of the Truman Brewery, East London. Tempa are considered to be one of the founding labels of the dubstep sound, and are part of a larger umbrella of labels (including Soulja, Road, Vehicle, Shelflife, Texture, Lifestyle and Bingo) and club events (such as Forward>> held at Plastic People in Shoreditch) run by Ammunition.

The logo is helvetica extra bold italicised with the kerning tightened. The italics give it a sense of moving forward and helvetica is recognisable as a commonly used for clean graphics and signs. Its been modified enough that It isn't recognizable as the standard font. It would work on different colours and backgrounds and its easily readable. The label has been around since the beginning of dubstep, and it has a sensible timeless feel that reflects the label.

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