Tuesday, 27 October 2009

RAM records - Drum and Bass

RAM records are one of the biggest labels in drum and bass. They put on RAM record only tours as well as having some of the biggest names in drum and bass signed to them. Drum and bass has a lot of simularities to dubstep and dubstep promotion. It is music that also often relies on a bassline to carry the music, and several drum and bass producers make music for both drum and bass and dubstep. Drum and bass has been around for longer and has its own often over the top design for its promotion.
The ram record labels is again simple using only one colour but can be used across any range of things or modified into a design. The abstract curves of the design relate to a rams skull and all the imagery that conjures. The type used is all in capitals and is a strong sans-serif font, it feels uncomprimising. Drum and bass is a often macho genre, with a lot of big-talk and often the design reflects that.

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